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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Edinburgh



Our Edinburgh Mobile Device Management Services

As a leading IT service provider for Edinburgh businesses, we offer comprehensive and reliable mobile device management (MDM) solutions.  

Our services are designed to cater to the needs of various industries, including the public sector, ensuring that your organisation’s mobile devices are secure, efficient, and compliant with industry standards and regulations. 

Key Components of Device Management 

Our MDM services encompass a wide range of capabilities designed to provide a robust framework for managing mobile platforms within your organisation.  

Some of the key components include: 

  • Device enrolment: Simplifying the process of adding new devices to your MDM solution. 
  • Device inventory: Keeping track of all your organisation’s mobile devices in a centralised system. 
  • Policy enforcement: Ensuring that devices meet your organisation’s security and usage requirements. 
  • Device configuration: Remotely managing device settings to ensure a consistent user experience. 

Device Management 

Implementing an effective MDM solution allows us to address the primary challenges associated with managing mobile devices within your Scottish public sector organisation.  

Our device management capabilities enable us to: 

  • Secure devices and protect sensitive data.
  • Monitor device usage and enforce corporate policies. 
  • Simplify application installation, updates, and removal. 
  • Administer remote troubleshooting and device retirement. 

By deploying a robust device management strategy, we can help safeguard your organisation’s network from potential threats, mitigate risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

App Management 

A critical aspect of our MDM solution is the ability to manage and distribute applications across your organisation’s devices seamlessly.  

Our app management capabilities include: 

  • App distribution: Centrally deploy and manage both in-house and third-party apps. 
  • App updates: Remotely update installed apps to maintain a consistent user experience. 
  • Licence management: Keep track of app licences and control their allocation within your organisation. 
  • App security: Enhance security by segregating personal and business apps on devices. 

By utilising our app management services, you can improve productivity and ensure that your organisation’s devices are equipped with the right tools to meet your business goals. 


Our MDM solution utilises containerisation to separate corporate data from personal data on mobile devices, thereby enhancing security and data privacy. This approach offers the following benefits: 

  • Data isolation: Business-critical data is compartmentalised, reducing the risk of data leakage. 
  • User privacy: Employees can use their devices for both work and personal purposes without compromising their privacy. 
  • Policy enforcement: Customised security policies can be enforced on the corporate container, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

By implementing containerisation within your MDM strategy, we can help strike a balance between maximising user experience and ensuring data security, making us an ideal choice for supporting your organisation’s mobile device management needs. 

Mobile Device Policy Deployment Strategies

Considerations for Local Authorities and Education 

When it comes to Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployment in Edinburgh, it’s crucial for local authorities and education institutions to have a comprehensive strategy in place. We recommend keeping in mind the following factors: 

  • Security: Protecting sensitive data is paramount; ensure devices are secured with encryption, access controls, and regular security updates. 
  • Device Selection: Identify suitable mobile devices based on the requirements of the organisation and users, ensuring compatibility with the MDM solution. 
  • Device Ownership: Determine whether to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy or provide organisation-owned devices, factoring in the costs and risks associated with each approach. 
  • Training: Educate staff and students on proper device usage, security protocols, and adherence to policies to minimise potential risks and liabilities. 

Infrastructure and Network Requirements 

As an experienced provider of IT services, we understand the significance of robust infrastructure and network requirements for successful MDM deployment. Here are the elements we believe deserve particular attention for businesses in Edinburgh: 

  • Network Coverage: Ensure reliable mobile data connectivity is available across the entire geographical location(s) of the organisation, and consider implementing Wi-Fi or 5G networks as needed. 
  • Scalability: Develop an infrastructure that can easily accommodate future growth and additional devices without significant reconfiguration or additional costs. 
  • Integration: Ensure the MDM solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems, software, and IT infrastructure, avoiding disruptions or incompatibilities. 
  • Bandwidth: Assess the organisation’s bandwidth requirements to support the increased data traffic from the mobile devices, factoring in both current and anticipated future usage. 

Our team possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide exceptional MDM services to your business. With a focus on security, scalability, and network coverage, we can tailor our services to best suit the needs of local authorities and educational institutions in Edinburgh. By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from our commitment to delivering strategic guidance and effective solutions that support your organisation’s goals. 

Security Policies and Compliance

Managing Devices in Sensitive Environments 

In today’s digital world, it is essential for businesses to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data. As a trusted provider of IT services in Edinburgh, we help organisations maintain robust security policies while managing mobile devices effectively.  

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) service enables businesses to control device access, usage, and monitor any security vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with government regulations such as the Public Records (Edinburgh) Act 2011. 

Our MDM solution is designed to protect sensitive information across various industries, including health and government sectors. To this end, we deploy advanced security features, such as encryption, remote wiping, and app restriction policies, to safeguard your devices and data. 

Training Your Workforce for Secure Operations 

Apart from implementing MDM services, it’s also crucial to train your workforce on proper handling of sensitive data and devices. Our IT services include comprehensive security training for your employees, fostering a culture of awareness and preparedness.  

Training topics we cover include: 

  • Device usage policies and best practices 
  • Identifying and reporting potential security threats 
  • How to securely store and transmit sensitive information 
  • Educating employees on the latest security updates and compliance regulations 

By employing our IT services, Scottish businesses can attain a confidently secure environment that complies with regulatory requirements. Our reliable and efficient Mobile Device Management solution, along with workforce training, empowers your organisation to operate securely and with minimal disruption. 

Benefits and Challenges of Mobile Workforces

Enhancing Productivity through Digital Technology 

In today’s fast-paced business world, utilising digital technology is essential to stay competitive and productive.  

We know that deploying mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to employees can greatly improve their efficiency and communication.  

These devices help our clients in Edinburgh keep up with their increasing workloads and enable them to work from anywhere with a stable internet connection. 

One of the major advantages of mobile technology in the workplace is the ability to access information and share data quickly, making decision-making processes more streamlined and effective.  

Additionally, digital tools like collaboration apps and document management systems can also help improve teamwork and coordination among team members. 

However, managing a vast array of mobile devices can be a challenging task for businesses, especially when it comes to maintaining security and ensuring proper use. This is where our experience in providing Mobile Device Management (MDM) services in Edinburgh comes into play to support your business. 

Balancing Flexibility and Control in Mobile Device Use 

With the emergence of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies, businesses in Edinburgh need to maintain a balance between flexibility and control in mobile device usage.  

Our MDM services can assist in implementing suitable policies and guidelines for employees to follow to ensure device security and compliance. 

Our MDM services support a wide range of operating systems, including popular options like iOS and Android for smartphones and Windows and macOS for laptops.  

This flexibility allows employees to choose the device they prefer, while maintaining a consistent management framework across all devices. 

Below is a brief list of some key features we offer as part of our MDM services: 

  • Centralised device management 
  • Remote lock and wipe capabilities 
  • Device inventory and reporting 
  • Security policy enforcement 
  • Application management 
  • Comprehensive tracking and monitoring 

By employing our MDM services, you can reap the community benefits and increased productivity associated with a mobile workforce, while maintaining control and security over your organisation’s devices. This allows you to focus on your core business activities, trusting our expertise to ensure your mobile devices are properly managed and secured. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An MDM service in Edinburgh provides essential functionalities focused on maintaining the security of mobile devices.  

Its core capabilities include enforcing password policies, data encryption, remote wiping of lost or stolen devices, and regularly updating & managing device operating systems. These features, together, help protect sensitive information and ensure that companies maintain control over their devices. 

Enrolling in an MDM service can impact employee privacy, but the extent depends on the chosen policies and configurations.  

We make it a priority to uphold employee privacy while ensuring device security, and we encourage transparent communication between employers and employees regarding the service and its impact on privacy. With the right balance, an MDM service can protect both corporate data and employee privacy. 

Yes, MDM services can control application access on managed devices, enabling organisations to create a list of approved apps and restrict the installation of unauthorised applications.  

Restricting access to unapproved apps helps maintain device security and minimises the risk of data breaches. Our MDM services can assist with app management, ensuring that employees have access to essential tools while keeping devices secure. 

There are several advantages to implementing an MDM solution in a corporate environment.  

These include improved device security, centralised device management, streamlined application deployment, and the ability to enforce company-wide security policies.  

Additionally, MDM services can help companies maintain compliance with industry regulations and quickly address potential security threats. We provide tailored MDM solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses in Edinburgh. 

MDM services can facilitate remote troubleshooting through remote access and control functionalities.  

This enables IT teams to remotely diagnose and resolve issues on employees' devices without requiring physical access. Our MDM services offer robust remote management features to assist with technical issues, ensuring minimal downtime and improving overall productivity. 

When a mobile device is under MDM supervision and gets lost or stolen, the organisation's data can remain secure due to the MDM service's security features.  

Such features include remote wiping, which allows IT administrators to delete sensitive data from the lost or stolen devices remotely.  

Additionally, MDM services can assist with locating lost devices, further enhancing the security of an organisation's data.